What is Therapeutic Coaching?

Life Coaching and counselling are usually seen as separate disciplines, but they’re closely related. It’s not unusual for my counselling clients to want life coaching once they’re feeling back on track. If you’ve been struggling with mental health difficulties for a while, it’s very likely that your life will be off course, and that’s exactly where coaching can help.

On the other hand, if you’re coming to me for Life Coaching, then there’s a fair chance that issues around anxiety, relationships or confidence will come up. If that happens, we’re moving towards the counselling end of the spectrum.

the spectrum of wellbeing

The Spectrum of Wellbeing

In fact both coaching and counselling fall along the same spectrum of wellbeing and Therapeutic Coaching integrates the two. I'm a Fusion® Certified Therapeutic Coach and I use a proven integrated system. I look at where you are on the spectrum of wellbeing and how best to help you flourish. Therapeutic Coaching is usually fairly short term - 5 to 8 sessions - and suitable for those with moderate difficulties. I’d be happy to meet up and explore whether Therapeutic Coaching will serve your needs. Our first introductory meeting is at the reduced rate of £20: if you decide to continue, I charge £45 for each session. Find out more about my work as an Exeter life coach, or get in touch if you'd like to arrange a meeting.

Fusion Therapeutic Coaching