The Wisdom of the Body

Our experience isn't constant; sometimes we can be very present, grounded and at home in our own skin. At such times we are more embodied. But most of the time we are quite alienated from our bodies and this tends to be make us less caring and more fearful.

  • Stress encourages withdrawal from full, grounded presence and leads to alienation from the body and the world.
  • Becoming more present to our embodied experience reduces stress and makes us more resilient and creative. We become reconnected with the world.

Many people in the Western world remain unaware and disconnected from their own flesh, and that tragic reality prevents genuine growth. Splitting mind from body destroys our human integrity and sabotages efforts to make positive change.

body and mind as yin and yang

My practice honours our embodiment, integrating ancient practices of both East and West with cutting edge science. Two strands are foundational: my own PhD research and Focusing, a powerful bodymind approch to therapy.

embodied balance

Other embodied practices are influential on my work, notably mindfulness, ecotherapy, Sand Tray therapy, Paul Linden's embodied awareness and William Bloom's Endorphin Effect. I continue to explore these ideas in my Blog.