Endorphin Effect Strawberries

'Strawberries' - or 'positive triggers' - are at the heart of The Endorphin Effect.

Traditional stories hold powerful lessons, and the best way to understand about Endorphin Effect strawberries is through an ancient story.


Early one morning a wise man was out walking in the forest. It was a deep, dark forest filled with the dance of life and death. It was beautiful too, and the sun splashed though the green of the canopy to form pools of light on the soft ground.

As he walked, the man heard a sound in the bushes behind him - a crack of twigs. He turned and glimpsed the hiding outline of a tiger slowly stalking him.

He began to walk a little faster. But the tiger began to walk a little faster too. So he walked faster still, but the tiger walked faster still, too. There was no choice now - he ran as fast as he could!

The tiger was hungry - and fast! It was quickly gaining on the man. Swift death chased him.

Suddenly he emerged from the trees, finding himself on the edge of a deep, echoing gorge. He ran to the edge hoping for escape, only to see a steep fall with rough rocks far below.

Turning, he saw the tiger nearly upon him and stepped back in alarm. Now too to close to the crumbling cliff edge, the ground collapsed beneath him. He felt himself falling ...

As luck would have it, there was a strong tree root growing out of the cliff, and the man just managed to grab it as he toppled over. For now he was safe. He looked up to face the open jaws of the hungry tiger. He looked down to see the rocks far below.

A squeaking sound called him. Glancing up, he saw a mouse poke it's head from a tiny hole next to the tree root he clung to. The mouse was hungry too, and began to nibble away at the root ...

At that very moment a soft breeze brought a sweet smell to his nose: Growing out of the cliff next to him was a wild strawberry plant. Flashes of morning dew glinted on the biggest, reddest, most juicy strawberry he had ever seen. The man reached out with his free hand and picked it.


Like all great stories this one has layers of meaning. For now its message is that even in times of crisis, when things just couldn't get any worse, there's always something that can remind you of the true beauty of life.

Your strawberries are whatever gives you a tingle of pleasure; the people you love, your favourite food or the sport that gives you a buzz. Strawberries can be activities, places, people, animals, specific moments or things. Whatever turns you on!

Endorphin Effect strawberries are also called 'positive triggers', so use which ever name works for you. Just remember that your strawberries create endorphins, flooding your body with special magic. And they are always in reach.

Try this simple exercise to experience the power of Endorphin Effect strawberries yourself

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