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Looking back: Who read what in 2019?

January is the perfect time to look back on the year that’s gone and forward to what’s planned for the months ahead. It’s looking good as the statistics suggest that the most popular topics of 2019 are exactly the ones … Continue reading

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Glen Mazis & David Abram discuss embodied ecology

Last year I was invited to host the ecology thread for the ‘Embodiment Conference’. Who would I recommend to speak on the subject of embodied ecology? Two thinkers immediately came to mind who have been a huge influence on my … Continue reading

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Is the Universe Conscious?

Is everything at least a little conscious? It may sound crazy, but this idea, known as panpsychism, has a long and reputable history. Panpsychism was pretty much dismissed by 20th Century science, but it’s making something of a comeback. Some … Continue reading

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The European Journal of Ecopsychology

I’ve written a couple of articles for The European Journal of Ecopsychology (EJE) in the past and I’m delighted to say that I’m a member of the new Editorial Team. The Journal is peer-reviewed and explores “the synthesis of psychological … Continue reading

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David Abram

David Abram’s first book, The Spell of the Sensuous, (1996) has influenced pretty much everyone in the world of ecopsychology and environmental philosophy. Its themes are summed up in the subtitle: Perception and Language in a More-than-human world. By way … Continue reading

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Performance and the spirit of place

I was delighted to be invited as a respondent for a performance by Fabrizio Manco, an artist who works with sound, place and embodiment. My response focused on the power of the genius loci – the spirit of place – which seems … Continue reading

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Eco-Paganism and place

I recently posted a guest blog on Adventures in Animism called ‘Eco-Paganism 101’. Eco-Paganism exemplifies several themes that I’ve been exploring here, so I want to flag them up. Eco-Pagans are animists, “people who recognise that the world is full of persons, only … Continue reading

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Abram, D., 1996. The Spell of the Sensuous, Pantheon Books, New York. Abram, D., 2004. ‘Earth Stories’. Resurgence, 222, January / February 2004. Bideford, Devon. Abram, D., 2010. Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, Vintage Books, New York. Adams, P., 2014. … Continue reading