Rethinking Power, Remaking Connection

Who has power? Political leaders tell us that they have the power and the media frequently reinforce that idea. But we have a choice; we can simply accept that, and hand over our power, or we can take steps to empower ourselves.

 Graffiti on the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall

I’m co-facilitating a workshop to help people feel more empowered and to understand the power of co-operation and connection. We’ll be drawing on active listening, coaching and, primarily, the work of Joanna Macy.

Joanna Macy is a Buddhist teacher whose Work that Reconnects is sometimes counted as ecopsychology. I’ve used Joanna’s exercises in previous workshops and consider them to be amongst the very best.

We’re running the workshop in Exeter on Saturday, April 29th, from 10 until 2. Find out more book up online.

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