2014: Who read what?

Bodymind Place was viewed about 4,000 times in 2014. That’s more than double 2013 figures, so thanks for checking in. While the most popular new post this year was Embodied peacemaking, where I wrote about Paul Linden’s work, my introduction to Eugene Gendlin from October 2011 was even more widely read. Not so surprising as Gendlin is a huge influence on me, and I often link back to that post, especially when writing about Focusing. The post on Focusing in Nature from 2013 also proved popular and was still getting comments in January 2014.

Nature connection: Core routines and The threshold brook, both from 2011, were still popular in 2014. I haven’t linked back to either this year, so I guess there’s something especially appealing about those posts. Nature connection: Core routines introduces the work of Jon Young and the Wilderness Awareness School and can be seen as a form of ecotherapy, which is a key theme of this blog. The threshold brook brings together several strands, including Focusing and ecotherapy, to conclude that “one place can pattern a sacred relationship to the world”.

These statistics don’t reflect what goes on on other sites, where several posts provoked lively discussions. My final post of 2014 was about The Endorphin Effect and it led to more Facebook comments than anything I’ve ever posted! Likewise Where is wilderness? didn’t get much attention on Bodymind Place, but did on Facebook. Not suprising really, as it was not much more than a link to a guest post I wrote for the Thinking Wilderness project. But that guest post was well read and attracted some interesting comments.

Jay and I had a facinating discussion about Becoming Animal. Jay is a blogger too, and naturebum is well worth following. Other blogs you might check out in 2015 include Phil Hine’s thoughts on Tantra in Enfolding, and the bloggers at Humanistic Paganism.

Wishing you a wonderfully embodied 2015!

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  1. Jay says:

    Happy New Year Adrian.
    Look forward to more sharing in 2015.
    Kind wishes, J

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