Living Embodiment Conference

I’ll be presenting at the Living Embodiment Conference this October. I’m very excited about this event, mainly because it brings together some of the most innovative embodiment trainers in the World. The line up includes people like Don Hanlon Johnson, whose work I’ve been following for years, and Paul Linden, who I’ve trained with.

The venue looks great! It’s The Integral Center in Bolder, Colorado. But perhaps most importantly, the format is very interactive. There will be the usual lecture style sessions but these will serve to introduce workshops. There’s also space for spontaneous events to emerge during the Conference. That’s pretty rare and opens up a potential for exploring embodiment that we wouldn’t get at a more conventional ‘talking heads’ conference.

My session is entitled  ‘Beyond the Skin-bag: Where Embodiment becomes Environment’. I’ll be discussing the same kind of questions I explore here: Where is the edge of your self?  Where does ‘you’ end and the and ‘the rest of the world’ begin? My workshop will involve playing  games that expand sensory awareness so that participants can experience more fully how the places where we live, play and work influence behaviour, thinking and well-being.









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  1. Ruth says:

    This event sounds fascinating. I wonder how many of the workshops/sessions deal with nature/environment? Do you have a sense of that? I live in the Boulder area and would consider attending.

    • Adrian Harris says:

      Embodiment and environment will be central to Don Hanlon Johnson’s presentation and mine. I think it will be there in a lot of others, but we two will be foregrounding it. Be good to meet there! Let me know if you go and we can talk more about Focusing in nature.

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