We ARE the environment: Podcast

The Embodied Operating System is a new on-line resource devoted to exploring  the body in the digital age. It includes a series of interviews by Mark Walsh with people engaged with embodiment research and practice. Podcasts include interviews with Don Hanlon Johnson (California Institute of Integral Studies), Richard Strozzi–Heckler (founder of Strozzi Somatics), Paul Linden (co-founder of the Columbus Center for Movement Studies), Wendy Palmer (founder of Leadership Embodiment) and me.

I’m talking about embodiment and place, so explore many of the topics I’ve written about here, but the interview enabled me to join up the dots in a way I haven’t elsewhere. Mark’s questions focus me on the core issues and invite some new ideas. Check it out:


The second part of the interview has a couple of practical exercises you can do as you listen. I’d be interested to hear about your experience of these exercises, so I encourage you to try them out and leave a response below.

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