Janus January: Looking back and forward

January is a good time to look to the past and the future, so, like the Roman god Janus, I’m casting a look over some images from 2011 and giving a glimpse of 21012.

Looking through leaves at workshop beyond

A Nature Connection workshop

Our Nature Connection workshops went well in 2012 and we’ll be contining to play on the Hawkwood site in 2013.

We were inspired by the glorious countryside near London to start running seasonal Nature Connection walks. The first one took place on a beautiful Autumn day.

People walking on a path through trees

Our Autumn Nature walk

On 4th February we’ll be off on a Winter Walk. The weather is looking distinctly Spring-like at the moment, so we may not have the frost that made our preparation visit sparkle, but who knows? More walks follow for Spring, Summer and Autumn, each one themed to highlight the special qualities of each season.

Close-up of natural objects

Gifts from the Autumn walk

All photographs on this page by Adeline O’Keeffe.
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