Nature Connection Workshops: Reflections

Back in the Spring I wrote about the new series of Nature Connection Workshops Karen and I had planned. Now I find myself in early Autumn preparing for the last workshop of the year.

Nature Connection workshop at Hawkwood

Nature Connection workshop at Hawkwood

The more I do of this work the more amazed I am at the power of it. Several of my posts have commented on research into nature connection: We’re happier in natural environments than in cities and people heal faster when they can see trees. There’s more and more of this research available now and I’ve been collecting links to some of it on my website.

Some of what the research is saying is apparent in the feedback we get about the workshops: “I returned home, feeling alive and inspired, exhilarated by the beauty around me“, “I left with a renewed sense of the slow ebb and flow of my own life“, “we came away relaxed but revitalised (participant’s feedback from my website).

As I noted back in the Spring, it’s the place that does the real work; we provide ways to connect and then the natural magic takes over. The final workshop for this year takes place on Sunday 18th at the Hawkwood food growing site in North London.

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