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Thinking with place

I spend last week-end at an ecopsychology retreat in Lancashire. We were staying in a stone barn in the woods, very close to a peat stained river that surged over ancient rocks. On Saturday I paired up with a colleague for a ‘medicine walk’. … Continue reading

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Nature Connection Workshops: Reflections

Back in the Spring I wrote about the new series of Nature Connection Workshops Karen and I had planned. Now I find myself in early Autumn preparing for the last workshop of the year. The more I do of this work the more … Continue reading

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Being disembodied

Sociologist Ian Burkitt comments that our experience of the self has become “essentially disembodied” (Burkitt, 1999). In truth, we can’t be disembodied – unless you share Descartes’ weird belief in an incorporeal self – but many people experience life as … Continue reading

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Eco-Paganism and place

I recently posted a guest blog on Adventures in Animism called ‘Eco-Paganism 101’. Eco-Paganism exemplifies several themes that I’ve been exploring here, so I want to flag them up. Eco-Pagans are animists, “people who recognise that the world is full of persons, only … Continue reading

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