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The Wanton Green – Pagan places

For many contemporary Pagans the relationship between bodymind and place is fundamental, but that relationship has rarely been explored in any depth. Paganism is often described as being polytheistic, animist or about ‘nature worship’, and while that’s all true in a vague and anodyne way, it’s of … Continue reading

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Has urban life made us crazy?

Carolyn Baker suggests that separation “from the land … appears to correlate with an increase in emotional distress during the industrial revolution and subsequent centuries” Peak Psychotherapy, Abundant Human Connection. Carolyn claims that psychotherapy evolved to deal with this distress, … Continue reading

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Sitting at the threshold brook

I’ve realised that what Barry Patterson calls “listening to the threshold brook” is the Sit Spot by another name. I’ve already outlined the principles of the Sit Spot: Find a place outdoors and sit there everyday for at least 15 minutes. Sit Spot practice is … Continue reading

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The threshold brook

My Ph.D. research into embodied knowing found that Eco-Pagans living in urban environments often had a powerful spiritual connection to a specific place. Barry Patterson, one of my research participants, described this connection as listening to the “threshold brook” (Harris, … Continue reading

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Going wild in Scotland

I’m just back from a ‘nature immersion’ camp in Scotland run by the Art of Mentoring crew. From our base camp at a farm near Findhorn we set off to explore the local woods and beaches. We looked for animal … Continue reading

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