Nature connection workshops

I had a lovely day last Sunday: I was facilitating the first of this year’s Nature Connection workshops with my colleague, Karen of Green Space Coaching . We were at Hawkwood, a workers’ cooperative growing food on the edge of Epping Forest.

Trees seen across green grass


Although Karen and I facilitate, it’s the place that does the real work. The space is lovely, especially at this time of year, and we’re learning how to work with its unique qualities. Some areas are quite secluded and intimate while others offer expansive views. The different facets of the Hawkwood site enable us to present each exercise in the right context: We do the sensory work where there’s lots going on and the more contemplative exercises in a peaceful spot.

The way the place works with the group illustrates many of the topics I’ve explored in this blog and these workshops are where it all comes together.

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