Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I’ve just been to a Neuro-Linguistic Programming workshop about managing emotions, and it reminded how cool NLP can be.

Some of my friends have a pretty negative impression of NLP. They think of it as some kind of psychological voodoo that will mess with their free-will. Well, with a name like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we can’t blame them for being suspicious!

NLP is a powerful tool and some marketing people have misused it. I do mean misused, because one of the core principles of NLP is that any change it creates must be ecological. This doesn’t refer to the ecology of humans and the natural environment, but the ecology of the individuals life. So using NLP to sell someone a car they don’t really want is misusing it.

Basically, NLP is a tool-box to better understand and manage the system that is your bodymind/place. NLP is like a magpie; it grabs shiny bits and pieces from wherever it finds them. It’s mostly psychology and hypnosis but uses elements of ritual and performance. Does it work? Yes, though it isn’t the magical panacea some promoters claim it is. But if you really want to master the art of change, it’s well worth having NLP in your tool-kit.

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