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Framing perception

As a friend and I stood gazing at a Renoir, I felt its beauty gently suffuse my body. My friend turned to me and I smiled, expecting to share the moment. “Wow!” He said. “How much do you reckon that’s worth?’ … Continue reading

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Descartes revisited

My previous post (Descartes’ stove: Philosophers and place) had more responses than any before it. Although there was only one blog comment, there’s been a lively conversation over on my Facebook page. I want to pick up on two themes of that discussion: Am … Continue reading

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Descartes’ stove: Philosophers and place

Descartes is considered to be the father of modern philosophy. No wonder we’re in such a mess! You’re probably familiar with his theory, but to recap: Descartes considered the possibility that some very powerful, cunning and malicious demon might be deceiving him. He reasons that there … Continue reading

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Mindful weeding

When Horace wrote that “He who has begun has half done”, I don’t think he accounted for weeding. Maybe they didn’t do weeding in ancient Rome. Weeding, like meditation, is ongoing, so I spent Sunday afternoon playing with the potential of … Continue reading

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I’ve just been to a Neuro-Linguistic Programming workshop about managing emotions, and it reminded how cool NLP can be. Some of my friends have a pretty negative impression of NLP. They think of it as some kind of psychological voodoo that will mess with their … Continue reading

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Cognitive science: a multi-discipline

Human cognition is a complex business and researching it calls on wide range of disciplines. A conservative estimate gives us a motley crew of 7: Biology Chemistry Psychology Information science Philosophy Anthropology Linguistics It’s a delightful mix of hard and soft sciences, … Continue reading

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The Work that Reconnects

On Sunday I went to a workshop on Joanna Macy’s ‘Work that Reconnects’, an approach that calls upon systems theory, spiritual teachings, and deep ecology. I knew what to expect as I’ve been to similar events and facilitated a few myself, but what struck me was how fresh … Continue reading

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Nature connection: Core routines

The sit spot is one of 13 core routines described in Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature. They are: Sit spot Story of the day Expanding sensory awareness Questioning and tracking Animal forms Wandering Mapping Exploring field guides Journalling Survival living Minds eye imagining Listening for bird language Thanksgiving Regularly practising just some … Continue reading

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