Occupying our inner and outer worlds

This event took place on 9 November 2013 at NCVO, London. It was Organised by Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility

This provided an opportunity for activists/therapists to engage with questions around the relationship between inner and outer transformation, being deeply active and politically reflective. It included an active exploration of why we do what we do.

Where does a desire for social change come from?

How can we be active in the outer world without burning out or hurting our inner worlds and vice versa?

Can reflecting on this make any difference to the effectiveness of our engagement with the injustices and inequalities of the worlds we inhabit?

The event was for those who work as therapists, political activists and anyone interested in these themes or working together for social change and transformation. It was facilitated by Paul Maiteny and Suzanne Keys: Suzanne is a member of the PCSR steering group who had recently been involved with Occupy London. She is a person-centred counsellor with young people in education and a counselling diploma trainer in London. Paul is an ecologist, anthropologist and transpersonal psychotherapist. He has worked for more than 30 years in ecological education and systemic research, with a particular interest in the relationship between emotions, knowledge, values/beliefs, and behaviour.

Several guests attended from Occupy London and the Activist Trauma Support Network including:

  • Emily Apple and Counselling for Social Change: www.counsellingforsocialchange.org.uk
  • Alison Playford, activist, writer, and actor: www.aliplayford.com
  • Viola Sampson, craniosacral therapist and ecopsychologist who has been part of the Activist Trauma Support Network since its formation: www.violasampson.com
  • Adrian Harris, activist and therapist with experience of organising workshops at Climate Change Camps and the 'Who Cares?' Conference organised by Knowledge Lab: https://www.knowledgelab.org.uk/SUSTAINABLE_ACTIVISM

For the latest information about this and other PCSR events, please visit: http://www.pcsr.org.uk